Stud Fees 2019

MULLIONMILEANHOUR              £1000 GSB Mares Natural Cover                                                             £650 Sport Horse Mares (AI) NFFR

BLAIRCOURT FRANCO                  £450 NFFR

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Collecting and Shipping Semen to you from either of our stallions (by 12pm Royal Mail Delivery) £30

KILMURRAY BAY MIRAH               £425 NFFR

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Shipping Semen To You from Murray by 9am Royal Mail Delivery £… Anne will advise

Fees Payable to Great Brockhamhurst Stud

£6 per day at grass – Add on the cost  hay or feed if required
£20 per day stabled or part inclusive
PLUS – £ 2 per day in either case for mares with foal at foot Foaling Fee £250 excluding livery

Visiting Stallions – POA – we require up to date CEM/EVA Certs for this.

Sending Semen To You

It is essential for a successful pregnancy that we have good communication with your vet when sending semen to you. PLEASE tell us BEFORE she is injected, or as soon as she is in season, that you will be requiring semen in the next few days.

When ordering semen, please inform us by 6pm the day before you require a collection from our stallions.

The Royal Mail 9am Special Delivery does not operate on a saturday for sunday delivery or sunday for monday delivery or Bank Holidays. Collections can still happen on these days provided the mare owner is prepared to drive to collect.

Please Note: A separate deposit Cheque for £25 to cover any ‘lost’ equitainer will be required prior to semen shipping and shall be returned on safe arrival back of same. Equitainers not returned within 7 days of dispatched semen will be deemed lost and deposit cheque cashed.

Mares Arriving On Stud

Please fill out Mare Booking Form click here

Grooms Fee: £50 per Mare on Stud FOR OUTSIDE / WALK IN STALLIONS ONLY (this includes all handling for AI scans) Collection Fees will also still apply

Veterinary Fees:
All expenses incurred for visits, examinations and medicines will be payable by the owner directly to the Veterinary Surgeon at the end of each month.

Fixed Price Veterinary Package:
Mare Owners are offered a fixed price veterinary package for their mares at Great Brockhamhurst Stud. This package includes CEM swab, pre and post breeding scans, stud visits, castlicks if required, insemination, drugs and two PD scans at 14 and 16 days; it does not include swabs, twinning, lavage etc and the treatment of mares with endometritis and other non routine matters.

Chilled & Fresh:
£330 +Vat for 1st Cycle, If Mare does not become Pregnant £240 +Vat subsequent cycles
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£385 +Vat for 1st Cycle, If Mare is not in foal subsequent cycles will be charged at £280 +Vat per cycle
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Charges for a range of miscellaneous items which will not apply to all mares, such as farriery work, worming, chilled semen collection from Gatwick Airport, are available on request.

Mares and foals whilst at the Stud receive every possible care, attention and supervision. Veterinary assistance is called in when deemed necessary and is chargeable to the owner. All mares are served at their owner’s risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, damage or loss caused through trying to or serving any mare.

All fees must be paid and funds cleared before the mares / stallions leave the stud – with No Exceptions
Mare owners who send a third party to collect their mare must make arrangements to pay in advance of collection.

All Cheques made payable to ‘Great Brockhamhurst Stud’