Terms & Conditions

  1. Insemination: Mares are taken at livery for natural covering/insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen, including semen that has been sent from elsewhere.
  2. Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA): We encourage all mare owners to have their mares EVA tested in 2019 before they arrive. Natural cover TB mares / Visiting Stallions must have and produce a Negative EVA Certificate before semen collection / covering can take place.
  3. CEM: Mares arriving for natural covering must have a negative certificate before this can take place.  All resident mares will now be swabbed for CEM prior to scanning and insemination, the vet package includes this. Stallions must produce a negative certificate before semen collection can take place.
  4. Stud Fees are payable prior to covering or semen collection
  5. Arrival Time: The best time for mares to arrive is just before they are due to come in season and they will then be constantly monitored to obtain the optimum timing for insemination or covering. Ideally we like mares to arrive on a Thursday so we scan Friday am to prepare for the following week.
  6. Mares should arrive with a comfortable well fitting headcollar clearly labelled for them to wear for the duration of their stay.
  7. Any vices and breeding or behavioural problems must be notified to the stud.
  8. Mare Passports / Identification: It is a legal requirement that mares are accompanied to stud with their passport; we will check the identity of the mare with the passport on arrival.
  9. Invoicing: the accounts for all keep fees and other costs incurred must be paid before the mares leave the stud. Interim invoicing may be done at the stud’s absolute discretion once the mare has been here for one month. Mare owners who send a third party to collect their mare must make arrangements to pay in advance of collection. Mares will not be allowed to leave before payment is made in full and funds cleared – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  10. Hind Shoes: Please make sure all mares arrive at stud without hind shoes.
  11. Blacksmith: Mares and foals will have their feet trimmed when necessary and any costs charged to the owner’s account. Any specific shoeing requirements must be notified to the stud when the mare is booked in.
  12. Worming: Mares and foals will be wormed on arrival and every 6-8 weeks and the owner charged accordingly, you are welcome to bring a wormer with you.
  13. Scanning: It is stud policy to scan all mares.
  14. Veterinary Assistance: Will be called in when deemed necessary by the stud and all costs will be chargeable to the owner.
  15. Insurance: Great Brockhamhurst Stud accepts no responsibility for visiting horses and do not carry insurance cover; it is the owners responsibility to provide their own insurance cover.
  16. Mares and foals whilst at Great Brockhamhurst Stud will receive every possible care, attention and supervision, but the stud accepts no responsibility whatsoever for accident, theft or disease, nor does the stud give any express or implied guarantee of success.
  17. All mares are inseminated at their owners risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, damage or loss caused through teasing/artificial insemination of any mare.
  18. Owners must accept that while their horse is at Great Brockhamhurst Stud it is at their risk – no responsibility for the mare can be accepted by Great Brockhamhurst Stud and all liability claims, damages, costs, loss and expense of any kind whatsoever are hereby expressly excluded.
  19. Great Brockhamhurst Stud reserves the right to refuse entry to the stud to any mare or foal that they consider being an unacceptable health risk.
  20. It is in the interest of the mare owner to vaccinate against flu and tetanus.
  21. For Ordering semen for postage, please order by 6pm, the day before you require a collection. If you require a 9am delivery please advise us when ordering. The more informed we are of your mares cycle the better prepared we can be. Please keep us updated!
  22. Our terms are ‘’ with a ‘Live Foal Guarantee’.
  23. Any problems arising from semen despatched from ourselves to you (its destination) must be declared prior to mare insemination taking place and within an hour of arrival.
  24. ALL shipped semen will be posted to arrive by 9am unless otherwise we are otherwise notified.
  25. Free Returns are applicable for the following season Only!